Execute your javascript in parallel

Leveraging the power of multithreading has never been easier.

Hamsters.js | Parallel Javascript

Are you facing performance limitations in your javascript applications? Start taking advantage of Hamsters.js in your project today!

  • Open Source
  • Node.js Support
  • React Native Support
javascript multithreading


Function level multithreading

Maximize performance by spreading work across many threads at once.

Automatic data aggregation

Automatically break a problem into smaller pieces & execute them in parallel with a single output

Automagical sorting

Automatically sort your output alphabetically or numerically

Legacy support

Don't stress about client support, we've taken care of that for you

Open Source

100% open source code base, published under the Artistic License 2.0


Compute once, don't waste cpu cycles doing the same work over again



If you encounter issues with the library functionality, or issues with the documentation feel free to open a ticket on the Hamsters.js github page, we would love to know of any bugs you encounter so we can address them quickly! When submitting tickets please understand that we absolutely want to fix any and all issues encountered and therefore support is limited to code issues within the Hamsters.js library and (inconsistent / inaccurate) documentation.


Custom tailored support agreements, licensing agreements, features, and consulting services are available upon request, just send a message with your requirements for a quote.

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